Meditation for Calming the Mind and Body

One of the most difficult things about having PTSD is that our fearful “what ifs” separate us from “what is.” This meditation uses the breath as a way to create and keep returning to moments of ease and calm. Right away, they help us relax and go on. Eventually they become a way of being.

 You can record this for yourself or read it aloud. Either way, it’s best to do in a private, quiet space.

 The past has gone and the future is yet to come.

I see myself as peaceful, happy, and free in this moment.

Im aware of each breath as my abdomen rises and falls.

I enjoy being here in this moment.

I no longer run into the future or dwell in the past.

 Although my mind is a steady stream of thoughts,
I let each thought come and go as I follow my breath.

I’m comfortable and at ease. 
Breath by breath, I let go of tension in my body and mind. 

I feel the air moving around my face as I breathe in and out.
With each breath, I relax the muscles in my face and I smile. 

As sounds come I notice them and let them go.
I continue to enjoy the peaceful rhythm of my breathing.  

A river of feelings and thoughts flows through me,
but they don’t overwhelm me. 

My breath is like the anchor that
helps me connect to each moment.

With every breath I arrive again and again right here, right now. 
My body is upright and balanced as I breathe calmly and comfortably.

My mind is peaceful and my body is free of tension. 
I am calm and rested. 

I feel free.
I feel at home.