Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy creates a relaxed state of mind and body helping you move effectively through your challenges and issues. Sessions are tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

During sessions clients are guided into relaxation to shift their brain waves from the Beta (fully conscious, “fast thinking”) state to the slower Alpha and Theta (fully relaxed, daydreaming, meditative) states. These relaxed states allow positive suggestions to reach the subconscious mind where deep beliefs, including those that undermine confidence and well-being are stored.

Hypnotherapy sessions can help you:

  • Create strategies to navigate stressful situations
  • Prepare for medical procedures
  • Plan for and achieve goals
  • Control pain and accelerate healing
  • Build and sustain healthy habits

To learn more about Linda’s Clinical Hypnotherapy practice or to schedule an appointment call 425-270-5967.