Trigger Wisdom

Here are things you can do to avoid reacting negatively to life’s stresses.

  1. Know your triggers.
    Write a list of up to 5 things that upset you. Ask yourself:
  • Why does this matter to me?
  • How do I feel when this happens? Why?
  • How do I usually respond to this?
  • How would I like to change my response?
  • Will this matter next month, next year, in 5 years?
  1. Interrupt your old responses.
  • Decide to change and to react to your triggers in new, positive ways.
  • Pause your old reaction as soon as you are aware of it.
  • Replace angry thoughts with calming mantras.
  • Replace critical thoughts with compassionate ones.
  • Replace resentful thoughts with grateful ones.
  • Practice noticing people and external events without reacting to them.
  1. Notice shifts.
  • Look for differences in how you feel toward yourself and toward others.
  • Appreciate yourself for making changes, no matter how small.