Being kind to others starts with being kind to yourself. This process helps you bring an attitude of kindness to stressful situations, helping yourself and others respond calmly and constructively.


Step 1: Experience your breath.

  • Breathe slowly in and out.
  • Notice your body expanding and contracting.
  • Feel the coolness of your in-breath and the warmth of your out-breath.
  • Repeat three times, maintaining awareness of these sensations.

Step 2: Adopt a comforting pose.

  • Close your eyes.
  • Release and relax your shoulders, arms and hands.
  • Place both hands gently over your heart.
  • Notice feelings of warmth and comfort as your breath naturally deepens and slows.

Step 3. Speak kindly to yourself.

  • In a warm, caring tone, say your name, followed by simple phrases such as:
  • This moment is difficult. I am not alone.
  • I choose to support myself with kindness, patience, and understanding.
  • I give myself the same compassion I would give a good friend.

Step 4: Breathe as you scan your body.

  • Continuing to breathe slowly, scan your system from head to toe, noticing and calmly accepting any distinct sensations (pleasant or unpleasant).
  • Pause your awareness at your feet, noting your connection to the ground or floor.
  • Continue breathing slowly until you feel centered and calmed.

Step 5: Use this calm, centered feeling to support and strengthen your attitude of kindness.