Hip: Muscle Stretch


About The Body Scan Audio Program

The eight weeks’ worth of recordings in the Body Scan Audio Program cover your entire physiology and help you feel how it works. Each recording leads you through practices to identify, focus on, and relax specific muscles.

Each week includes a set of five recordings focused on one area of your body. You can try a new practice for five days each week, learning new ways to reduce your tension and stress. Use the extra two days to relax, or repeat the exercises that feel best.

Practice by practice, part by part, you can lead your system to function more smoothly, reduce your risks of injury, boost your energy, build mental clarity, and improve your overall health.

Repeat individual scans and/or the overall program as needed.

Week 6 Body Scan: Hips

Our hips are where we create life and complete our digestion. They’re the fulcrum of our mobility, the foundation that keeps us upright, and the intricate center of many vital muscles and nerves. These hip-focused body scans help us stayfullly active, optimally functional and pain-free.